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Welcome to Safety Measures

Is your school district or campus ready for ANYTHING?

Let’s face it, school shootings are a nightmare for all of us. Not only is this event far too frequent, but other emergencies face school campuses on a regular basis. Bullying situations escalate to exigent circumstances, environmental occurrences negatively impact campuses, natural disasters severely hinder daily functions, and the list of abnormal events goes on. How close is the relationship between your school and local law enforcement? What daily “Safety Measures” does your school have in place? Do you focus on prevention, preparation, or assuring your location is ready to handle anything?

Safety Measures is your answer!

Safety Measures understands that most consistent part of any community is the school. While the community looks to your campus for safety, every member of a school and its community are affected by an emergency on campus. No matter how grave the emergency, all stakeholders play a part. From students to staff, from local law enforcement to local residents, everyone is affected. Safety Measures realizes that just as prevention is ongoing, preparation must also continually improve. Let us reduce your stress. Call us. Safety Measures is your peace of mind!

Safety Measures has identified all school community stakeholders. From students to staff, from residents to local law enforcement, everyone is affected. With this understanding, Safety Measures also provides training to law enforcement agencies. Click on our LAW ENFORCEMENT tab to see a list of training opportunities.

Safety Measures is by far the best in the business! Browse through our website to see what we can do for you.
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